Tao Te Ching



The Foundation


   The great puzzle begins. We will use earthen mortar (sand-rich clay mix) to glue our “urbanite” (broken concrete) together. The first course is leveled atop a 2′ x 2′ gravel trench with drain pipe
   We will leave the rafters covered with a tarp for an all-season work space. After the foundation, we’ll put down a gravel base for the future finished earth floor. While we cob the walls, we’ll tamp the floor with our feet.

The Tiny Garden

We don’t have a great garden space yet, but here’s our little container garden. It grows much more slowly just here at the base of the coastal range than in the lush valley. We’ll see what happens. We also hauled some stumps in a circle and screened the bottom then added sand, compost and fill dirt. We planted nasturtiums, forget-me-nots, sunflowers, cucumbers, calendula and bachelor buttons. I know, weird mix, but they were found seeds. 🙂