Tangerine Lantern


Keeping cozy this winter with flame. This one, a honey tangerine peel with olive oil and its own natural wick.



Winter in our Neck of the Woods


Winter is coming. The White Witch passed through our woods leaving no footprints. Everything is pillowed in soft snow.



This sparkling magic is starkly different from midsummer’s slow twilight and leafy splendor. Dim dayed and long nighted, wrapped in blankets, bare-branched, warm kneed, Winter.



Everything is solid! The full water bottle burst and froze to the nightstand. Pixie whined and licked at the ice in her water bowl. The pickles are trapped in pickle juice ice. The apples are too cold to hold in our bare hands. The coffee grounds were stuck to the press.


We stay in the kitchen, knees pressed close to the wood stove and watch movies on the computer. We cook ourselves glorious meals and ignore the dishes for as long as possible.

Yurt Living, Negatives and Positives

Negatives First

Space. We run into each other a lot. The dog gets all confused and can’t find a way to get out of the way when we are both moving around.

Wind storms are scary.

Peeing outdoors during a windstorm is messy.

We didn’t pay the extra money for wall insulation. We regret this decision.

The walls can seep, wetting things you don’t want wet. (wish we got insulation!)

Rain can be louder than expected.

Never underestimate the value of sturdy out-buildings. (You’ll want somewhere else to go in the winter.)

Positives Second

When the fire is blazing, it is gloriously cozy.

No corners for loosing things.

Rugs were a good idea. And floor insulation.

We read books instead of watching television.

Food tastes better in the woods.

Two LED rope lights light up the entire yurt.

Oil lamps are a cool thing to collect.

The moon peeks right in the domed skylight.

In the summer, the sun does too.

I always smell of campfire, coffee and wet moss. My signature scent.