The Tub



The outdoor tub promises an awesome sunset soak all year. In the summer, the first one out can roast dinner on a stick just as the first stars peek out and the bats flap and swoop above the creek.

In winter, there’s nothing like a hot soak before warming up by the fire. Add a nice glass of something tasty and a story or a game and you’ve got heaven.

It takes about 3 hours to heat up a tub half-full of water to Way Too Hot. The we pour a couple-few 5-gallon buckets of cold water to a comfortable temperature.

Becky Bee, my queen of cob, wrote the book on it. Everyone should have a wood-fire tub!

We got the tub at Salem’s Bargain Barn, one of our favorite haunts.

Shelter from the Storm

Our bathtub is now sheltered from the rain. We built a rustic round wood shelter with a corrugated metal roof. The rain sounds awesome clinking over the hot, steaming tub. One person in, one person out, roasting hotdogs or tending the fire.

Nathan poses in property wear: carharts, Orcas Island sweatshirt and ancient muddy Sorels.