Cobbing Feet


It’s that time a again!


First Batch of Cob

A cause for celebration! The first cob went on smoothly. After testing the clay around the property, we found the stuff dug out of the foundation was soft, light and a warm, Rosen color. By the driveway, where there was a bit of excavation, the clay was yellow, crumbly and hard on the feet. When the pile is gone, we’ll keep digging for a small pond. In the picture, it looks dark brown, but it will dry lighter. The final plaster layer will contain beach sand, too, so the final color will be close to a warm buff. We buried a little box of little treasures to mark the occasion.






Summer at the Spring


What a busy and relaxing summer. The sun finally showed up to our little pocket of the coastal range. During the rainy month of June, we put the finishing touches on the foundation, found a cool dutch door (The Bargain Barn!), gathered materials, set up cobbing areas, leveled the floors, added road base, fixed trails and made test bricks of cob. When the sun hit We were ready to go.


                                                                  We also made a model of the cob                house.