Sinks Canyon

The coolest thing I saw on our annual road trip to the midwest was Sinks Canyon State Park in Wyoming. The river, The Popo Agie, tumbles through the limestone and granite layered canyon over huge boulders and twisted roots. It is powerful and beautiful. It flowed right next to our campsite, which made for some mad boulder-hopping fun.

The best thing about Sinks Canyon is not the crazy beauty of the river. It wasn’t even the amazing encounter I had with a little Spring Azure butterfly which fluttered all around me and alit on my toes, my fingers, my shoulders and my pen as I sat on a big rock with my journal. The best thing about Sinks Canyon is that it disappears down underground for 1/4 of a mile then reappears by seeping up in a crystal clear, calm pool. You can walk right down to The Sinks, then drive down the road to see The Rise.

I hope the pictures show at least a fraction of the coolness we experienced there. On a side note, the river is pronounced nothing like it looks. It is a Crow word and is pronounced puh-po jzhuh. Now you know.

The Popo Agie disappears into an underground limestone cave
And rises 1/4 of a mile downstream in a clear pool
The Popo Agie

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