The Garden

Patio Garden

We gave up! It’s ridiculous how many years we tried to grow tomatoes, basil and the like. The tomatoes never ripened and the basil just hated it here. We just don’t have enough sun.

Plugged Log: Oyster Mushrooms

So, we plugged some logs with edible mushroom spawn (click the link and be amazed then order “Mycelium Running” by Paul Stamets and completely freak out.), seeded our cold frames with leafy greens, and kept what grew back from last year. Surprisingly, our hops poked their heads up early and kept going! They grow high enough to get that afternoon sun the ground never sees.


So our decks are spilling with shady wonders like begonia, corsican mint, thyme and sweet woodruff. I have also started an obsession with clematis. So far, so good! As long as the wood rats don’t clip the vines and steal the flowers to decorate their nests, or other such mischief…

Elder Flower

2 thoughts on “The Garden

  1. I know what its like to not have enough sun….we struggle here in southern ireland. I have loads of green tomatoes but need the sunshine to ripen them. You have just reminded me that I have a couple of logs in black bags under a tree which I put oyster mushroom spawn plugs in about 6 months ago. Must have a look to see how they are doing.

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