Mouse Moat*



*We found this awesome idea here.

We got into the car during a discussion about building, so we didn’t turn on the engine or radio right away.

We were interrupted, however, by the sound of tiny feet scurrying over our heads. Several sets of tiny feet! Deer mice had somehow gotten up in the headliner. Nathan opened the glove box and there, a nest, complete with mama and babies. They disappeared up  where the glove box lights go. Our base model didn’t come with them (whatever).

Immediately we rushed to the internet. Crazy how many people have this problem. We learned that cars are not only not mouse-proof, but enticing to mice and rats. We read lots of stories, but few good solutions. Several people used smoke bombs to remove rodents. I only had some Nag Champa incense, so I lit three of them and shut up the car. It worked!

We kept the incense going and did a bit more research. Then we found this site. So we built one out of lumber we had and 20″ flashing. So far, so good!


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