Rafters Up


Post, beams and rafters.


2 thoughts on “Rafters Up

  1. Hi there! Loved looking over your simple life on your blog here. It is very inspiring! Our own fam is getting ready to make the switch from a huge custom farmhouse down to a much smaller yurt. I am excited for a life simplified, though! What tips do you have on yurt living? Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Hi Amber,
    How fun! I definitely recommend full insulation (ceiling, walls floor). Also, pare down your furniture to what you think will fit, then cut it in half.

    How big of a yurt to do plan to get? We live in a 16 foot Pacific Yurt and it’s perfect for two. We built a “loft” for the bed and the dog sleeps underneath half and the other half is for storage. Seal-able plastic bins will keep your stuff dry. It is quite moist in the yurt in the winter (keep in mind I live in the Pacific Northwest, so it rains and rains all winter). Do seal the bottom of the yurt with weather stripping. Have a secondary space for storage, things pile up very quickly.

    The floor will take longer than you think it will, so it’s worth it to hire an experienced builder to do it, especially if the yurt is bigger than 16 feet diameter. The yurt itself goes quickly in one day with extra helping hands. If you can get a screen for the dome and still open it, yes! Caterpillars fall through in the fall, spiders all year and ants in the summer. I respect the insect world, but do not enjoy them falling on me. 🙂 Clear brush from up against the building and take steps to prevent mice and rats around it. Pets help with this.

    I think basically, don’t skimp on the yurt. Get all the bells and whistles. You won’t regret it, but you may regret not getting something. (Like we didn’t opt for wall insulation… Dumb dumb dumb.)

    Thanks for the comment! Good luck with your yurt endeavor!

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