Our Cozy Home

Finally, an update. Here is our little kitchen that makes soggy Northwest winters bearable.

Ahhhh, baking! Not to mention warmth.
Dishes are so much easier now. No more dishes in the rain.
Wow. Counter space. And four burners. AND an oven. Life is good!
Try this on a single burner! Yay for roasting!
I love shelves and counters. Our countertops are marble.
Coffee Time!
Yes, that is our Nathan drinking coffee. I guess 7 years in the NW finally got to him.

No post is complete without a Pixie Shot.

2 thoughts on “Our Cozy Home

  1. Hi Kim,
    We are in the Oregon Coastal Range, near Hebo. We found it through a rural real estate agent. She thought we were crazy. We didn’t want to go through banks or get a building loan. Luckily, we found an acre in our price range where the owner was willing to hold the loan. Perfect for us! Come visit any time, especially summer when we will be building! 🙂

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