Spring! Hoorah!

Here we go again on getting this roof up! I can’t wait to have a kitchen with an oven and a kitchen aide and a stereo and a counter with a real table! The sun is out. The Flowers are blooming. All is well at Spider Spring. We also did some planting yesterday of Mock Orange, Service Berry, Oregon Grape, Knick Knick, Choke Cherry, Ocean Spray and a little Crab Apple tree. Hope renewed. Thank you, Spring.








5 thoughts on “Spring! Hoorah!

    1. I know! I’m sorry about the radio silence. A lot has been happening and now I have the new app for bb. I promise to improve.

  1. I stop by on occasion to check up on your progress and to glean information from your journey. I have my sites set on yurt living one of these days and I enjoy living vicariously through those already enjoying life so close to nature. May your summer be a productive and joyful time.


  2. I’ve been reading your blog. Very interesting stuff. Just wondering why you decided on a kitchen in a separate building? Not enough room in the yurt or other reasons?
    I’ll be putting up my Yurt here early December, so it’s been very helpful reading about your experiences.

    1. Our yurt is a small one: 16′ diameter. During the winter, the property is extremely soggy. We start to feel trapped in the yurt. Plus I’ve been cooking on a single burner camp stove for 3 years. We wanted another place to go with more windows, an oven and just a different view. So, we built a tiny kitchen (8’X12′). It is so snug. And we love the oven action.

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