Construction Update


Winter is definitely upon us. Fall fell a little more slowly this year and we are being eased in to this cold season. We decided we couldn’t live without a kitchen. The outdoor one was promptly taken over by deer mice. (As did our cars). I don’t want to contract the junta virus. So we’ve been cooking in the counter of the Hoosier cabinet, about a 3 foot wedge of the yurt.

Funny how the kitchen looks all catterwonky in this photo. I’m not sure why. It is now mostly sided and the windows and doors are being framed.

Next, after the cool french doors and the mismatching cedar siding we scrounged are done, we will find some boards for the interior walls and buy insulation.

We’ve got a little wood oven. Yes, oven! Cookies! Bread! Casseroles! Not to mention warmth and real burners to cook on.


The view from the Kitchen. You can see the posts and beam of the future cob home.



One side of the french doors we found at an awesome building resale warehouse in Sherwood, Oregon we found on Craigslist.

thumpAnd here is the inside of The Thump. After the kitchen is finished, we will build a box enclosure to store the buckets and sawdust.


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