A Tour

Welcome to our yurt at Spider Springs! It is 16 feet in diameter. A perfect size to keep warm and light up easily. We sectioned off the circle into “rooms” that flow into each other. More accurately, they smoosh together.

We have changed it since these pictures were taken. We raised the bed on a 3-foot platform and use the space under it for storage. The rocket stove, now in January, is surrounded by stacked wood for drying. And we moved the shelves near the “closet” under the bed and turned the clothes more against the wall so we could move the chairs closer to the wood stove. We’ll get some updates up as soon as we get a new camera.

yurt door

Come in…


Our rocket stove (The Pocket Rocket)


The kitchen/bedroom


The bedroom

living room

The living room


The closet and exit

That’s our little home. Outside is an outdoor kitchen, which was awesome in the summer! But when the serious Northwest rains and wind came, it was much less awesome. We tend to open the dome all the way and use a small table top Coleman inside for almost all our cooking.

nathan in the outdoor kitchen

We are working on a bigger one closer to the cob site with north and east facing walls, the cob oven, a wood stove and a dining area. Spring, spring, come quickly! We’ve got so much to do!


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