Yurt Living, Negatives and Positives

Negatives First

Space. We run into each other a lot. The dog gets all confused and can’t find a way to get out of the way when we are both moving around.

Wind storms are scary.

Peeing outdoors during a windstorm is messy.

We didn’t pay the extra money for wall insulation. We regret this decision.

The walls can seep, wetting things you don’t want wet. (wish we got insulation!)

Rain can be louder than expected.

Never underestimate the value of sturdy out-buildings. (You’ll want somewhere else to go in the winter.)

Positives Second

When the fire is blazing, it is gloriously cozy.

No corners for loosing things.

Rugs were a good idea. And floor insulation.

We read books instead of watching television.

Food tastes better in the woods.

Two LED rope lights light up the entire yurt.

Oil lamps are a cool thing to collect.

The moon peeks right in the domed skylight.

In the summer, the sun does too.

I always smell of campfire, coffee and wet moss. My signature scent.


18 thoughts on “Yurt Living, Negatives and Positives

  1. Hi there,

    I just stumbled upon your site while googling “yurt living blogs”. What a surprise! What’s more is that you guys are doing EXACTLY what my wife and I are planning on doing hopefully in the near future (yurt or yome life, while building a strawbale or cobb home).

    If you don’t mind, I’d love to hear more about your aspirations and experiences while living and building. Please keep this up! It’s very inspiring.

    All the best!

  2. I am so excited that I ran across your blog. My husband and I are in the process of preparing for ‘yurt livin’ and it’s so good to read about other’s experiences. Are you guys planning a more permanent or temporary yurt life? I’m glad I read about your suggestion to use insulation, we were wondering how important that was. What part of the country are you in? I’m sure if I’d read more I’d find out, I just scanned through. Thanks for blogging for the rest of us to read!

    1. I really love my Pacific Yurt. I would just say really look at your site (placement, weather, solar, etc.)and customize carefully. Good luck!

    1. We live in the coastal range of NW Oregon. We bought the yurt through Pacific Yurts in Cottage Grove, OR. The 16 ft yurt fit in the back of a pickup. We have lived in it for two years. And still love it. 🙂

  3. It is so great that I came across this site! It’s nice to hear from people who actually live in one…I’m planning on purchasing a Yurt by Summertime as soon as my 1 acre land is bought…I must say that the many companies out there are overwhelming-it is so hard to make up a decision because they all claim to be the best…Therefore,it makes extremely difficult to decide which one to pick…My land is in Upstate NY which gets it’s fair share of snow…I guess like many of you my question is which company do I go with to buy my Yurt? This is going to be my permanent home and want to make it the best I can within my budget…Thank you!

  4. I am thinking about returning to NZ to live, but some land and live in a yurt. Does anyone know of a co. there that sells yurts and if it`s legal to live on ones own land in a yurt ? Total sick and fed up of the rat race in the UK ! Any comments will be gratefully received.

    1. http://www.jaiatipis.com/

      We are looking at buying a Yurt from these guys. Went and saw them recently. Bluey was great to talk and showed us the workshop and a nearby Yurt in use. Really nice guy and a great craftsman from the look of it.

  5. Really greatful for the site. The wife and I are considering a yurt and live here in south georgia ten minutes from the florida state line and am curious if insulation is needed here? Humidity from hell in this part of the world. Thanks for any advice.

  6. I built a Yurt in New Mexico last year … i have leaned a lot .
    I don’t live it full time .. it’s a second home … I love it .
    I have add walls inside, a fire place and full kitchen and batrroom… great dry weather in New Mexico .. use it year round ..

  7. hi all, my boyfriend and i are getting ready to buy a 16ft yurt for property near kingfield maine. would love some feedback on the space of a 16 footer for two?

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